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I am just catching up with this story. Did you know that cruise ships could get seized while you’re enjoying your vacation? I wonder if passengers on these ships pass the hat for gas money. Evidently, Crystal Cruises had announced they were suspending operations through late April, canceling¬† itineraries for the Crystal Symphony and two other ships. When ships don’t pay their fuel bill Feds will seize the ship mid cruise. Yes, US Marshalls can pull up and interrupt the cruise while sailing.

Depending on the type of vessel and motor, dictates the type of fuel they use. Let’s jump over to the dangers on cruise ships. According to Sea Lawyers, there is an average of 200 deaths occurring on cruise ships each year. Half of all overboard accidents occur on ships owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, followed by Royal Caribbean. This next sentence may change by the time you read this article, but cruise ships have no police authorities aboard. When you see security guards on the ships, their loyalty is to their employer, not the passengers.

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