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Time to put it all together

To devil your eggs means to combine various hot or spicy seasonings such as red pepper, mustard, or Tabasco sauce, making them a ‘deviled’ dish,” according to a few online sources. Deviled eggs go back to ancient Rome when they served boiled eggs as an appetizer. Have you participated in a potluck at work, church or party and you found strange things on the table? When I saw some sad looking deviled eggs at a potluck, I lost all respect for that deviled egg maker. Same goes for potato salad or collard greens, even mac and cheese, it all depends on the household. So, why use vinegar in your deviled eggs? Putting mayo and mustard coupled with high-fat yolks add density and flavor while the vinegar adds a hint of acidity. When my girlfriend Terri Joelle told me to put that in my recipe, I was cringing, but it was surprisingly delicious!

But wait there’s more! I found recipes to replace vinegar with lemon juice. Okay, here’s the deal, if you only have salt and pepper and box mashed potatoes, please do not invite me to your home. Yes, that happened. In my closing remarks, why are they called Deviled Eggs?  To devil means to “combine a food with various hot or spicy seasonings such as red pepper, mustard, or Tabasco sauce, thereby creating a ‘deviled’ dish,” according to the Food Lover’s Companion, the definitive guide to all things food and cooking.

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