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Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

I am a huge fan of pickles and am one of those people that occasionally asks for extra pickles. A McDonald’s customer posted a picture on Reddit revealing the “extra pickles” they asked for on a burger.

The picture was posted on Wednesday and showed the “extra pickle” burger containing 25 pickles. 25! To me, that’s a McPickle! Since the picture was uploaded, it’s gone viral. I gotta say that I’d eat this burger for sure. 25 pickles is a lot but it doesn’t look too bad.

According to Newsweek, the customer was more than pleased with the overabundance of pickles.┬áThe original poster said: “I was thrilled. I thought McDonald’s had a strict ‘extra pickles means 4’ rule or something.”

I’ve never worked at McDonald’s, but I have a feeling that putting 25 pickles on a burger isn’t the usual procedure. My guess is the employee was in no mood for a complaint and figured too much is better than not enough.

You have to have a lot of water on hand to get over the amount of sodium on this burger. LOL! But I’d eat it! Take a look at the burger here.