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Do we already have a real Captain America in America? It’s so cool to see these figures in movies and TV shows, but what if we saw one in person? Would it scare you if these super solders replaced our police departments? Should we spend more money on ways to fight wars or making peace across the map? With so much going on behind the scene, we’ll never know everything or privy to that info. The United States has deep pockets and will pour all kinds of money towards being the biggest amongst the bunch. If you were given the option to have superpowers, would you drink the potion? I would in a heartbeat, but not the first to drink the magic potion.

It’s not farfetched having machines assisting in our daily lives. Do you have concerns about half human and half machine like beings as a maid or partner? A few years back Aeolus Robot Maid was released. The small robot can mop, pick up things off our floors and even but dinner dishes away. That sounds expensive, but might be worth the money.

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