Reading this article about the best cupcake in every state has us really craving a cupcake.

Gone are the days of “normal cupcakes.” Nowadays cupcakes are a work of art. A lot of weddings now incorporate cupcakes for wedding desserts instead of cake, and so do birthday parties. Cupcakes are also perfect for a sweet tooth craving.

One of our favorite websites, Eat This, Not That!, put out a report of the best cupcakes in every state. While there is no shortage of sweet treats here in Charlotte, you’ll have to make the trip to Wilmington to find the best cupcake in North Carolina.

What’s in Wilmington? The Spicy Bacon Maple Cupcake from The Peppered Cupcake!

“While this sweet shop serves up traditional cupcakes, they also offer savory twists on the classic treat for those looking to venture out of their comfort zone. Customers can’t get enough of the blueberry-strawberry jalapeno and spicy bacon maple cupcakes.”

Now you know anytime we find out these things, we also have to show some love for South Carolina! So what bakery in South Carolina has the best cupcake? Sugar Bakeshop in Charleston! The Vanilla Blueberry Cupcake has been ranked the best.


“Nestled in the historic Cannonborough Elliotborough neighborhood, Sugar Bakeshop has amassed quite a following since its opening in 2007. From cupcakes to tarts to cookies to pies, this shop is the perfect destination for all your sweet tooth needs.”

Great, now our sweet tooth is buzzing!