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What could possibly go wrong? (Photo: Lynn Watson/Shutterstock)

There’s something to be said for shaking up traditions and trying something new. There’s also something to be said for keeping it classy. A Miami couple definitely did one of those when they steered their outdoor wedding in a new direction.

According to The Sun, the bride and groom opted to ditch the flower girl tradition and replaced it with booze. Instead of pretty petals strewn along the aisle, two “Fireball fairies” handed out mini bottles of the cinnamon-flavored whisky brand. They even wore matching bright red dresses and drank shots.

The comments on the TikTok video were mixed. Some people said “Dumb for a wedding. Maybe for a birthday party” and “That’s cringey as hell.” Some commenters did come to the couple’s defense and remind others that a wedding can be as unique as the bride and groom desire. It certainly was unique. But hey, it’s Florida. At least the police didn’t have to get involved. I’d call that a win.


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