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Most of us are watching the news or looking at stories online daily, and wondering how we can help the Ukraine. So many people there have had their lives turned upside down. A Charlotte bakery is baking goods to help the people and pets of the Ukraine. Manolo’s Latin Bakery on Central Avenue is doing something to help.

According to Spectrum News, Manolo Betancur, the owner of the bakery, said he wanted to help Ukrainians because he understands some of what they are going through. “Man, I’m an immigrant. I am a victim of the Colombian war, and I cannot keep waiting for the government for people to keep talking and not do anything,” Betancur said.

The bakery is making Ukrainian-inspired cakes, with the proceeds going to pro-Ukrainian assistance. They also sold king cakes for Mardi Gras and the proceeds from those cakes is also going to help Ukrainians in need. So far, the bakery has raised about $3000 which is amazing!

The cakes are a homage to the Ukrainian flag, with the entire cake frosted with blue and yellow. They look yummy and they’re gorgeous! The cakes are selling for $19, and the net profits will go to a network of Polish bakeries working to feed immigrants from the Ukraine.

I’ve never been to the bakery, but I love this idea! Before the war began, I found out that my Jewish ancestors came from the Ukraine. I knew we were Russian Jews, but only recently found out exactly what part we originally from. My great-grandparents lived in what is now the Ukraine and my grandfather was born there.

If you’re like me and want to help, here’s the bakery’s website. Cake for a cause, I’m so in!