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You know those plastic rings that hold six-packs of beer and soda cans together? They’re a huge problem for the environment, particularly for birds and marine animals. Well, one major brewer is committing to eliminating the use of plastics in their packaging.

Coors Light has announced they’re switching from plastic rings to cardboard sleeves. Additionally, all of the Molson Coors brands, which includes Miller products, will be moving to recycled cardboard packaging by 2025. According to People, the beverage giant has already removed plastic rings across all major brands sold in the UK. In an official release, the company said that ditching the plastic rings will save 1.7 million pounds of plastic waste annually.

When this plan is finally achieved, Coors Light will be the largest beer brand in North America to make the change to more sustainable packaging. In the meantime, always be sure to cut up any plastic six-pack holders with scissors. This helps to decrease the danger to animals who can become trapped in the rings.