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Can someone please explain to me what in the holy heck is happening at our airports? Daily you see a story about passengers causing havoc at airports or on planes, mostly because they’ve been drinking. Now a pilot has been removed from a plane due to drinking alcohol.

According to Yahoo, a Jet Blue pilot was removed from a plane’s cockpit. This happened in Buffalo on Wednesday morning after a Transportation Security Administration officer told authorities that he appeared “impaired” as he passed through security. The pilot, James Clifton, 52, was taken into custody after he registered a blood-alcohol level of .17.  Federal regulations bar pilots from drinking while on-duty within eight hours of flying or if their blood alcohol level is greater than .04.

Clifton told authorities he’d had seven to eight drinks before he got on the aircraft, which was bound for Fort Lauderdale, Florida. WHAT?! If I have seven to eight drinks, I’m pretty hammered. I can’t imagine a dude trying to fly a plane after this many drinks!

Clifton submitted to the test after he told police he needed to get his gun from the plane’s cockpit. Pilots are permitted to carry firearms on planes if they’re certified to do so. Clifton’s status wasn’t immediately clear.

The pilot may face federal charges. He’s been removed from his duties while the airline conducts an internal investigation. Thank goodness someone noticed that he was drunk!