As U.S. gas prices continue to climb, residents of one North Carolina city are already paying $4.19 per gallon. The cost of a gallon of regular unleaded in Raleigh hit $4.19 overnight. That price was reported at an Exxon station off Capital Blvd in the state capitol. Other nearby stations have gas priced somewhere between $3.59-3.79 according to ABC 11.

And that’s not all San Fransisco hit $5 a gallon Thursday according to Gas Buddy That’s a new record high for the U.S., says Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis forĀ GasBuddy. And the rest of the country most likely won’t be spared of the record price to fuel their vehicles either. The $5-per-gallon cost is expected to spread throughout California in the next week or two, with the rest of the country following suit soon after, De Haan adds. This means this is most likely not the peak for gas prices in North Carolina.

The increases in prices are due to the ongoing conflict between Russia (one of the worlds leading oil suppliers) and Ukraine. I’m not fully educated on what can be done to help decrease prices, so I won’t insert my opinions. I will however say that something needs to be done to help lower these prices. Between this and skyrocketing inflation families are suffering and will continue to suffer.

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