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Sharing your Amazon account with a partner or your family can have its benefits but there are some downsides. One of the biggest is that other people will be able to see what you’ve ordered on the account. This is a big issue if you want to order a secret present or you’re trying to hide your spending habits. Don’t worry though, there’s a way to hide your Amazon purchases on your account so Christmas and birthday presents aren’t ruined.

I don’t share my account since it’s just me, but I have friends that do. And the friends I’m thinking of aren’t that concerned with hiding a purchase as a present. They’re more concerned about hiding purchases from their spouse! One of my friends, who will remain nameless, orders a LOT from Amazon and hiding her purchases from her husband would be a bonus. LOL!

According to the New York Post, here’s a procedure if you’re interested in hiding purchases and you can see the steps below. For some folks this may be the key to a happier relationship.

First, log in to your Amazon account and then click on “Returns & Orders” in the top right corner.

Here you’ll see a list of what you’ve ordered over the past three months.

You need to scroll through this list to find the item you want to hide.

You can also search for the item in the search bar.

Then, click “View Order Details”.

Next, click “Archive Order” twice when the option appears.

Whatever you ordered at the same time as the item will also be archived. This removes the item from your orders list. It’s still technically viewable in archives though.

By the way, you can also Amazon purchases from Alexa. Details on that here.