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We all know I haven’t had good luck when it comes to relationships. I’ve got the divorce papers to prove it! LOL! But I found this wild! A couple in Virginia says they’ve never had an argument.   NEVER! Not even while raising their seven children. Since I found this crazy, I had to find out their secret.

Hannah and Blair Keeley have been married for 30 plus years and say that they’ve never fought. It doesn’t sound possible, but both of them say the same thing: they’ve never argued. The couple told Fox News Digital that “relationships are a skill, not a gift.” Not only have the two not argued, but they’ve also never raised their voices to each other. WOW!

The couple says, “If you resort to fighting, you’ve both lost.” I never thought of it that way, but that’s true. They’ve given seven tips for a successful marriage. Even if your marriage or relationship is good, these tips might make it better.

The tips are:

  1. Share feelings and expectations
  2. Challenge each other to grow
  3. Read body language
  4. Never go to bed angry
  5. Avoid the word ‘should’
  6. Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  7. Don’t sabotage something good

If I ever decide to date again, I’m gonna come back to these tips!