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Billy Joel Biopic Gets Greenlit, Just Without Music, Likeness, or Name Rights? Well then, let’s review.

A Billy Joel biopic could be coming soon. Just don’t expect to hear any of the musician’s songs. The working title for the movie is called “Piano Man” (of course), but so far that is about all there is as far as likeness to Joel. No rights to Joel’s music, likeness, and even NAME have been acquired for this film. Joel’s rep confirmed to Variety that the singer has no intention to hand over any of these rights any time soon. So…as of right now, it’s just a movie about a guy who may or may not play the piano. Gotcha!

If there is no mention of Billy Joel, none of his music, likeness or name, then it’s clearly NOT a Billy Joel biopic!

Who thinks an unofficial Billy Joel biopic would still be good without the music? Are there any artists that you would like to see get their own film? While we wait on this maybe biopic.

Below are some Billy Joel docs and specials that actually do contain him and his music. Enjoy as we get ready for his stadium show, April 23rd at Bank of America Stadium.