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Folks on social media are freaking out over the video this woman’s really weird plane ritual. It’s so crazy that a passenger said he’d pay extra not to sit beside her and I get it!

@wendygonewild on TikTok has sparked outrage for what she calls being ‘prepared when you travel on a long flight’. Wendy brings special equipment with her when she travels on a plane and it’s a LOT! She brings a huge inflating pillow that leans on the seat in front, so that she can rest her feet while she travels.

We all know going barefoot on a plane is a no-no on a plane. Especially if someone is sitting next to you! There is etiquette on a plane damnit!

According to Lad Bible, the viral video of Wendy’s contraption has racked up over five million views so far. And as you can guess, most of the comments were negative. Most folks were NOT ok with Wendy and her feet.

A few years ago a friend and I flew to Miami from Charlotte. We were going on a rock cruise. On the flight, the person behind us put their bare feet through the seat onto our armrest. Oh hell no! My friend looked at me, and I looked back at the passenger. She didn’t move her feet. So I took it upon myself to physically make her move her feet. I may have elbowed her foot very hard. That worked and we didn’t have any other issues.

I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable flying next to Wendy. I’ll give her this though: at least she got a pedicure before flying.