Rihanna attends the Off-White Womenswear Fall/Winter 2022/2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on February 28, 2022 in Paris, France.

Rihanna is not playing around when it comes to protecting her baby. During a recent interview with Elle, the pregnant 34-year-old singer and beauty mogul opened up about her future life as a mom, sharing that she’s entered her third trimester.

The Fenty Beauty founder said that as a fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise, she thinks her parenting style will be similar to that of Teresa Giudice. “Teresa [Giudice] from Jersey does not play about her kids. She will flatten you about those kids. And that resonates with me a lot because I feel like that’s the type of mom I’m going to be,” Rihanna told the outlet. “Psycho about it.”

The “Diamonds” singer then quipped that she’ll actually be “worse” than Giudice, adding, “You talk about my kids, it’s over.”

Not only will Rihanna lay you out if you mess with her kid, but she’ll do it with glowing skin. “There’s a pregnancy glow. There’s also those days, girl. Especially in the third trimester where you wake up and you’re like, oh, do I have to get dressed? Makeup for sure helps you feel like a real person,” she said. “I just focused a lot on moisturizing and on contouring. The face gets a little round and chubby. The nose starts to spread. Everything is a challenge, from getting dressed and how you’re going to do your makeup. But I like challenges. I like things that force me to be creative and create in new ways. And with beauty, there’s so much that you can do.”

Rih said the best advice she’s gotten around motherhood so far was to “sleep now because I won’t get much later. I need to work on that before it’s a thing of the past.”