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Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

I saw this story on Friday on WCCB’s website and posted it on my Facebook page. I’ll be upfront and say that I’m gonna be mean in regard to these people because this is just stupidity at its finest. These folks are SO dumb, they’ve made international news!  The owners of a dog in here in North Carolina dumped the dog at an animal shelter after they saw him humping another male dog. They decided to dump the dog since he was gay. You cannot make this type of insanity up!

The dog, a 50-pound male named Fezco, is currently at the Stanley County Animal Protective Services shelter. Last week the owners dumped him after thinking he was gay after humping another male. In case you don’t know, mounting and thrusting can be part of normal play for dogs. It’s not necessarily a sign of sexuality. Kramer has been put in time out at doggie daycare for being too “humpy”. He does it when he gets excited while playing. It’s not a sexual thing, just a overly excited thing.

My female dog Gypsy used to hump male dogs. She did it to assert her dominance. She was always the alpha dog, and made sure other dogs knew it.

It pisses me off that these people dumped their dog at a shelter for this behavior. That said, the dog is probably better off not being with these folks. These people aren’t smart enough to own a dog and I’m hoping they don’t have kids! I also hope these folks go on some type of list so that they can’t adopt another animal.

The shelter is asking for volunteers to house Fezco until he’s adopted, which I’m sure will happen soon. According to the shelter he’s friendly and likes people and other dogs. Hopefully this sweet boy finds a forever home soon! He’s a cutie!