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I’ll go ahead and say it: this is me in a few years! A video has gone viral of an older woman rockin’ out a Rob Zombie tune at bar’s karaoke.

Yesterday someone I know sent me the video on Facebook. I love it! TikTok user @aprilbaumsaway posted the video last week and it’s blown up. The caption of the video is ‘Grandma Killed Rob Zombie’ and it’s accurate.

You can tell that this woman isn’t just faking it either. She obviously is familiar with the tune. She may even be a huge Rob Zombie fan. Right now the video has over 2 million views.

I don’t know if Zombie has seen the video, but he just announced a tour. The “Freaks On Parade Tour” with Zombie, Mudvayne, Static X and Powerman 5000 hits the road in April, and will be in Charlotte in July. I’ve seen all the bands and it’ll be a rockin’ good time!

According to the post on TikTok, the karaoke performance took place at a bar in Fargo, N.D. Zombie needs to hook up grandma with some tickets and passes to the show!

Horns up to this lady! I say rock on!!