You can't go wrong with a classic. The combination of tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and sugar makes this cocktail come together in a few minutes. Get the full recipe here

Cheers to national cocktail day, March 24. What better way to celebrate than acknowledging one of the most infamous cocktails, a margarita. Ever thought about your personality in terms of a drink? How about your personality in terms of a type of margarita? No, well we have! Think about it, if you were a margarita which flavor would you be? Find out if you like things your way like a peach margarita or if you’re tons of fun like a pomegranate margarita. Either way, find out which margarita best represents you! Take the quiz and be sure to share on all socials so your friends can join the fun!

25 Cocktail Recipes You Should Try At Home