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Plenty of pet owners buy clothes for their dogs, especially for small or short-coated dogs who aren’t insulated as well as other breeds for winter. And then there’s Coco.

According to the New York Post, Coco is a seven-year-old Peekapoo, which is a Pekingese and poodle mix. This pampered pooch has her own walk-in closet and four wardrobes filled with the finest in canine couture. Coco’s clothing, collars, and toys include items from brands like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Tiffany. Total value of Coco’s collection? About $75,000.

Coco’s owner, 32-year-old insurance adjuster Alina Michaels, says, “Coco is my fur baby, she deserves the world.” Her friends and family think she and her husband are “crazy” for how much they spend on their dog. Alina says, “In my next lifetime, I’d love to come back as Coco. She lives the good life.”

Oh, there’s one more thing. It doesn’t stop at just clothing and jewelry for Coco. She also has her own hot pink mini Lamborghini worth over $300. You can see photos of the doggie decadence HERE.