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A potato cannon uses pressure through a pipe-based cannon. A spud gun may be interpreted as an imitation firearm, and illegal to have it in possession in a public place.  They can shoot out at least 500 yards and more. When making a cannon could run you $30 and up to 1 hour of your time. People use potato cannons and spud guns for many reasons and purposes. Think of a spud guns as those devices you’ve seen at basketball games when shooting t-shirts in the air.

Ladies, if you don’t like real guns with bullets, this could be a nice alternative. Be careful because many people have made the news and ended up in court. These are pretty popular with teens so if your kid has one, let them know the repercussions. I’ll share a link below to see a demonstration below. You’ll see various methods and techniques to make one. They say AquaNet hairspray was a key component to making a spud gun’s fire power. This one guy ran out of potatoes so he used hairspray on rocks. Here’s a YouTube video showing how to make a spud gun. 

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