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Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Rescue dogs are the best! They’re so sweet and some come with hidden talents. A woman in Florida found that out after adopting her dog Daisy.

According to The Dodo, Leah Saunders Goldstein was driving near her Florida home when something odd caught her eye. In a tree, high up, was a sign in big block letters. The sign read: Our dog’s climb trees. They are fine. While she was looking at the sign, Goldstein saw something else. She saw a dog, standing in the tree, right beside the sign. The sight was such a shock, Goldstein took video of the dog and the sign.

The dog’s name is Daisy, and she lives in Goldstein’s neighborhood. Lisa Levine and her family adopted Daisy last year and quickly learned that she’s a tree-loving pup. After being let out into the backyard for one of the first times, Daisy figured out she could scale a particular tree and keep tabs on the world beyond.

People passing by, however, assumed that she was stuck.  “A neighbor told us our dog was in the tree,” Levine told The Dodo. “That’s how it all began.”  Many of Levine’s neighbors have knocked on her door, concerned the pup was stuck. Levine decided putting the sign up would help folks know that Daisy is safe.

Daisy never gets stuck. She’s able to climb up and down the tree easily on her own. Now neighbors come by just to see Daisy. Many say they feel comfortable knowing that Daisy is keeping watch!  She’s definitely a cutie and I love her tree climbing skills. Very cool!

Over 10 million people have viewed the video of Daisy in a tree, so now she’s famous! She also has her own TikTok account now.