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Easter chocolate bunnies made from solid milk and dark chocolate. (Photo: arinahabich/Getty Images)

We’ve known for some time that Easter candy is bad for your teeth. Now, it turns out it can be harmful in another way. As a weapon. That’s the story out of Canada anyway.

According to CBC News, police were called to a store in Brandon, Manitoba last Thursday afternoon (3/31) after a man allegedly stole some merchandise. When they arrived on the scene, the police discovered that the shoplifter had run off after assaulting a store employee with a ‘Mr. Solid’ brand chocolate Easter bunny.

The officers found the man nearby and charged him with assault and theft under $5,000. The employee is said to have suffered minor injuries. I’m not surprised. After all, the chocolate bunny is solid with long, dagger-like ears.

Apparently, some people didn’t believe this had really happened. Because the story was released the following day, on April 1st, the police had to amend their official statement to make sure everyone knew that it was not an April Fool’s joke.