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Tell your doc it’s time to rock!! According to a recent study by Heidelberg University in Germany, playing music during operations improves the surgeons’ abilities. In the study, AC/DC was played and the loud rock help surgeons’ speed and accuracy.

According to The Sun, doctors that listened to Highway to Hell and T.N.T. from AC/DC were able to make a precision cut in 139 seconds instead of the usual 236 seconds. Both soft and hard rock were found to improve performance, but for hard rock “The positive effect was especially noticeable when the music was played at high volume.” Heck yeah! AC/DC is best when you crank it to 11!

I have numerous surgeries and to my knowledge, none of my surgeons listened to loud rock. Of course, it’s hard to say that for sure since the docs drug you up before you get into the operating room. Next time I see one of my surgeons, I’m gonna ask them if they listen to music while operating, and if yes, what do they listen to.

To be completely honest, I think I’d feel way better after surgery waking up to some loud rock! It would let me know I’m all good…especially if I started singing. Ha! If you have a surgery scheduled in the near future, ask your doc if he plans on rockin’ out!