Phil & Mel In The Afternoon

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Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

They’ll be there for you….in Florida! If you’re a big fan of the 90’s show “Friends” then it’s time to pack a bag and head to Florida for a vacation. A property in Tampa Bay has been decorated in true “Friends” form and it’s really cool!

Part of the show’s charm was its unique look. Whether it was Monica and Rachel’s gigantic apartment or the couch-filled coffee shop, locations in the show always stood out. That style inspired Airbnb host Frank Albert’s design for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom property in Tampa Bay. The walls and furniture all sport bright colors, while the walls are decorated with the same items as they are in the show. The front door, for example, has a picture frame mounted over the peephole.

According to Fox 13, this isn’t Albert’s first Airbnb property, but it is the first “themed” one. Even if the show wasn’t one of your favorites, you’ll still appreciate the decor. Looks just like the show’s set.

See pictures and get the details on staying at the “Friends” themed Florida home here. Pretty cool!