Jon Bon Jovi is a rock star, but he’s also like any other dad where sometimes, his kids have to explain certain pieces of technology to him.

In a new interview with The Indianapolis Star, JBJ explained how he chartered a plane from New Jersey to Los Angeles in 2020 to record “American Reckoning” and “Do What You Can” to be included on Bon Jovi’s new album aptly titled 2020. The tracks were recorded in a private studio, and Bon Jovi stayed “in an empty hotel with no cleaning service.”

This, of course, posed a problem: How was he supposed to eat when a lot of hotel services were shut down?

Jon explained, “I called down to the front desk, and I said what are you supposed to do about any kind of food? And they said most people call Grubhub, and they’ll deliver food to your door. And I’m like yeah, Grubhub, and thinking to myself I don’t know what that means. I’m going to starve.”

He added, “I had to call one of my kids, who from 3,000 miles away ordered me a burger and had it delivered to my room.”

Here’s hoping Bon Jovi has learned how to navigate Grubhub and other food delivery apps and doesn’t have to rely on his kids to order him food on the other side of the country.


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