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A male and female Mallard swimming on a lake together

Police say a pet duck helped lead to the discovery of a murder victim that had been missing for more than two years. The victim, Nellie Sullivan, had disappeared under ‘suspicious circumstances’ in 2020. But earlier this month, Sullivan’s body was found buried underneath a trailer in Candler, NC by someone chasing after their pet duck.

Authorities say Sullivan, who was in her 90’s, was murdered by Mark Barnes and her granddaughter Angela Wamsley, so they could steal her social security and retirement benefits. According to WLOS-TV, both Wamsley and Barnes are already serving jail sentences. One officer said “If I could give that duck a medal, I would”.

We all know that animals are smart. Recently our 11-year-old mixed breed family member was acting strangely, so much in fact that my wife called the vet as was able to get an appointment later in the afternoon. Grace was walking around the house constantly and would not lay down. About an hour after the appointment was made to have her checked, my wife went to the basement and smelled gas. Sure enough we had a gas leak and the dog sensed the smell long before my wife did. Grace got an extra treat that day for sure. Here’s our Grace who may have saved us.

Grace Daniel

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