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Netflix has just announced that Alex Winter and Patton Oswalt will be in the new Netflix project called “Absolute Dominion”. The logline states, “It’s 2085 A.D. and the world has been destroyed by religious warfare.” It continued, “Desperate to save humanity, global governing forces host a gripping, no-holds-barred, martial arts tournament. Last fighter standing wins Absolute Dominion for one faith.” Production for this new Sci-Fi film has already begun and the movie should be out real soon.

Alex Winter of course, played alongside Keanu Reeves in all of the “Bill & Ted” flicks and has quite an impressive directorial resume. Patton Oswalt is a hilarious comedian and actor whose name is probably better known that Alex Winter’s. Something tells me this will be worth watching. Too soon for any trailers as production has just started. Cast description below in video.


Do you think Netflix is worth the recent price increase? I watch so much Netflix, I feel like they lose money on me, even with the increase. Their original stuff is top notch. What’s your view