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A dog trainer says her cocker spaniel, Leo, could be the first dog in the world to master playing hopscotch. Emily Anderson told the New York Post that what makes the three-year-old dog unique is that he moves on his own without any cues on how, when, or where to move.

Anderson has posted videos of Leo playing the game, and it’s not his first amazing trick. Leo has already learned how to paint with a brush, perform CPR, and play tennis. That’s more than I can do!

How does Anderson get Leo to do all these things? The trainer says she uses a clicker, meals, and treats to train Leo to do new tricks, adding “He mainly works for his meals.” Ahh, yes. Food is truly the great motivator. Here’s Leo in action:


Hopscotch! Definitely taken us the longest to learn of all the tricks we've done but it has also been the most fun! #game #fun #fypシ #foryou #dog #incredible #dogtalent #dogsofttiktok #tiktok #cleverdog #dogtraining

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