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Late spring and early summer are great times for weddings but not everyone knows how to act appropriately while attending a wedding. And here’s a great example! A woman’s story went viral on Facebook and ended up being shared on Reddit. Apparently, someone brought to-go containers to her wedding, and left with lots of food.

The couple had a small wedding and reception, with about 25 people invited. Only family and close friends were in attendance. The bride invited her dad’s best friend, and the friend asked if his daughter and her husband could attend. The bride said yes, no problem.

According to Bored Panda, the daughter attended the wedding, without her husband. But she brought 10 Tupperware containers to take food home from the reception. The couple had a buffet at the reception, and this woman loaded up about seven containers with food and also took beer and centerpieces with her when she left. WTH?!

The bride didn’t notice any of this during her reception, as she was busy having fun and enjoying herself. Her dad told her the next day about the “to-go” incident. To make things even more insulting, the woman that took the stuff to-go only gave the couple a $5 wedding gift. And if you’re wondering, the woman is quite well-off.

It’d be one thing if the “to-go” woman was in need, but she’s not! She is apparently just a cheapskate and has no idea how to act at a wedding! Folks on Reddit agreed, saying the woman is “trashy” and “tacky”. I agree!

If you’re planning on attending a wedding this year, please don’t bring any to-go containers! I mean, sticking an extra cookie or two in your purse is one thing, loading up Tupperware is another!