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Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Some residents of Lenoir, North Carolina were surprised to encounter a large flightless bird in their city over the weekend. Queen City News reports that Lenoir police officers were called out to wrangle a loose emu that had wandered more than 30 miles from its home.

In a Facebook post, the City of Lenoir said the female emu, named Kevin, was spotted alongside Eastwood Park Drive and had stopped to rest next to a man and his three kids. The father, Matt Bocox, contacted the Lenoir Police Department. The officers were able to get a dog leash around the neck of the friendly bird and lured her to a fenced-in yard with snacks.

The emu was loaded onto a horse trailer and turned over to the Caldwell County Animal Care Enforcement Division. That agency discovered that the long-legged bird had escaped from her owners in Moravian Falls, about 31 miles northeast from where she was captured. Settle down, Kevin.