One of the most distinguishable features of a grizzly bear is its hump, which is composed of muscle.

The Riverbanks Zoo announced the death of one of their most famous animals. Sundance, one of two grizzly bears at the zoo, was pronounced dead on April 30, 2022.  The famous grizzly passed away after a recent decline in his health. Sundance and his brother were two of the zoo’s favorite sites and have been with the park since they were 9 months old.

Riverbanks Zoo is located in Columbia, South Carolina. They announced in a Facebook post some of the best parts of the famous grizzly. Sundance, known as the sunshine bear, had kind eyes and enjoyed interacting with its keepers. From wrestling with his brother Butch to catching a great nap for all visitors to see. No announcements about new bear additions have been made and the park is continuing to honor its grizzly bear by sharing memories of the famous grizzly.