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You will not see Meg Ryan or Kelly McGillis in the new Top Gun: Maverick.  Director Joseph Kosinski said that their story lines were just NOT being discussed as relevant.  Anthony Edward’s “Goose” after all, died in the first movie so it would be a stretch to include her. In the original movie Kelly McGillis played Top Gun instructor Charlie Blackwood and unless she and Lt. Pete Mitchell are still together, it makes no sense for her to be involved either. Kosinski said he didn’t want every storyline to be looking backwards. The producers and Tom Cruise, with Tom being the most vocal, insisted that Val Kilmer be in the movie reprising his role as “Iceman”. Their on screen reunion is said to be very special and very touching.  Val Kilmer is a throat cancer survivor who has had a difficult few years. Editor’s note: See the documentary “VAL” for that complete story. Below is a “First Look” and trailer that debuted on May 4th. Countdown is on for Memorial Day opening!