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Crafty and creative people always amaze me! I would never think to do this nor could I do it. A teen in Arkansas got extremely creative when making her prom dress. She made the entire thing from actual pages from “Harry Potter” books and it’s so cool!

According to Daily Mail, 18-year-old Hailey Skoch decided to make her dress from her favorite book series because the books helped her get through her parents divorce when she was younger. Since the books mean so much to her, and prom is a big event, she thought it’d be an unique look. And she was right!

Hailey spent four days ripping, folding, fanning, sewing the pages into an impressive design. She says she got the idea from a dress she saw on TikTok, but decided she could “do it better” herself. “I really wanted to do something more unconventional, and I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter forever,” she explains. “I love to read. So I threw some stuff together and decided to make it a ballgown.”

Her mom Valerie, who works as a costume maker, helped her with the design. And while she spent hours working on the dress, Hailey played the “Harry Potter” movies in the background to keep her motivated.

Not surprising, Hailey’s dress has been getting a lot of attention online since she posted pics of her dress. She’s even had designers and photographers reach out to her. Two different libraries have reached out to her as well, asking if they could put her dress on display. Awesome!

Originally, Hailey says she was planning on becoming a therapist after she graduates high school, but now she’s considering a career in fashion. I think she’ll do quite well! This dress is truly stunning!