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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

When people talk about their “bucket lists,” they usually have some lofty goals in mind. Climbing a mountain. Writing a book. Traveling around the world. Skydiving. But ask someone in Florida what’s on their bucket list, and you might get a different kind of answer. Because…Florida.

WPLG Local 10 reports that a 19-year-old Florida woman is celebrating her “bucket list” success story. She’s behind bars. A Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted Janiya Douglas speeding and driving recklessly in her Toyota sedan. When the deputy tried to pull her over, she kept going. When the young woman finally did stop, she reportedly told the officer that getting arrested has been on her bucket list since high school.

Ms. Douglas was taken to jail and charged with fleeing and eluding. I’d love to know if the police asked her what other bucket list goals she was planning to check off. Let’s hope she got running afoul of the law out of her system. How about swimming with dolphins instead?