If you are a creative person keep reading because this experience is for you. Whether you are a parent with little ones or a 28-year-old like me, there is a new must-see Crayola IDEAworks® exhibit in Charlotte.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the newest experience at Charlotte’s Camp North End Crayola IDEAworks®. I am so excited to tell you about my experience and what to expect if you go.

About the Exhibit

Crayola IDEAworks® is the ultimate creativity attraction fueled by the colors and fun of Crayola®. This unique, immersive experience is now open at Camp North End in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through hands-on interactives, in-event selfie spots, coloring and drawing tables, and much more, Crayola IDEAworks® unleashes your creativity! This interactive experience unleashes your creativity. If you are an adult, it also makes you feel like a kid again.

The Experience

My significant other and I arrived for our 11 am time slot and were excited to have a fun and creative date. Through the engaging, personalized trip that features a variety of elements, the attraction brings out the creative side in you. Rainbows line the hallway when you first arrive. After ticket processing, you receive a wristband that you can customize and use to interact. Once you watch a short video, you will then be taken to a series of rooms for a colorful adventure.

When you arrive in the second room, you can interact with the digital interactive stations and grab your badges. The goal is that you get all of your IDEA badges and then in the next room your three-additional element badges. There are tons of different drawing and coloring stations to explore. One of my favorites was the t-shirt design station. Once you design your shirt, you can put it on a screen and actually wear it. I thought that was pretty cool. One of my favorite parts was the Mars section. In this area, you could report live from Mars and play sports on Mars.

Final Thoughts

We both had a great time together at Crayola IDEAworks® on our day date. There were a lot of interactive features, photo opportunities, and coloring tables. Children and adults alike will enjoy this interactive and immersive experience. The exhibit is full of bright colors which babies love as well. It really is a ton of fun. You can check out this interactive digital experience by clicking here. You won’t be disappointed! Remember, this experience is only open for a limited time so don’t wait too long to get creative. Here are some sneak preview photos from our visit below.

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