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Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Seriously, I gotta get on TikTok! It doesn’t take much for someone or something to become famous on the internet. Case in point, a Great Dane named Roland has become a superstar just for passing gas. Yup!

According to the New York Post, Roland has the internet in stitches due to his habit of unleashing ferocious flatulence while striking a yoga pose. This dog has snagged millions of views for his “Fart of the Day” videos on TikTok.  And yes, he has his own TikTok account @rolandthefartingdog.

The most popular clip on the dog’s account has 5.7 million views! The video shows Roland in the downward dog pose with his front paws down and his behind in the air. He then lets loose a toot so loud it sounds like something you’d hear in a movie.

I guess I’m a 12 year-old deep down inside because I looked at a few of Roland’s videos and laughed! It’s not just the farting though. It’s how nonchalant the dog is about it! And I’ll admit that it IS funny that it happens every time the dog makes the downward dog pose.

If you need a laugh for a Monday, this will do it!