Spending the day at Carowinds is the right choice if you crave adventure and thrills. Carowinds straddles the North Carolina/South Carolina border. There is even an Instagram-worthy spot where you can see a painted line through the middle of the park. Recently, my significant other and I went to the park with two friends since it had been a while since I last visited.

My Carowinds Visit

My life has been filled with many visits to amusement parks. Carowinds is by far the most beautiful and well-maintained. In my recent visit, I went on a weekday, which I highly recommend. I cannot emphasize enough how clean the park was and how few lines there were. As you enter the park, you reach the Celebration Plaza, which is full of food options, photo opportunities, and the park’s main store. To start the day off right, we headed straight to Fury 325 for our first ride.

The operations are great for thrill riders. They have a top-four lineup with Fury 325, Intimidator, Afterburn, and Copperhead Strike. Among my favorites, Copperhead Strike was on the list. A smooth ride and a flippin’ good time are the highlights of the opening. The Intimidator was a close second because of the airtime it gives. For those who love more low-key rides or have little ones, Camp Snoopy and one of my favorite Boo Blasters are excellent choices. I am also a favorite of Ricochet which is a “Wild Mouse” roller coaster. I love all twists and curls. This ride operates on a 1000-foot-long track. If you don’t like sudden turns, I would not advise riding this. You can see a full list of all the Carowinds rides here.

The Food

Lunch was chicken fingers and fry baskets from the Fry Shack. The food was reasonably priced and fueled us for our adventure. I love the variety of food options in the park. Everyone can find something they like. As I left the park, I grabbed a tasty cinnamon roll from the one and only Cinnabon. In the park, you will also find an ice cream shop, a funnel cake stand, and a Starbucks.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really had a great day at Carowinds. Carowinds is a great place to spend a day with family and friends. If you love thrill rides, there are 14 world-class rollercoasters that will make lasting memories. It is one of the best adventure destinations in the Carolinas. If you’re planning on visiting Carowinds, make sure you check their website for hours of operation on the exact date you’re going. I actually want to go back once the weather gets warmer and try out the waterpark. I have never been. You can check out some photos from my visit below.

Carowinds Releases 2022 Events Schedule For To The Carolinas

  • State Line Celebration (April 9-May 8)

    This is a one-of-a-kind, limited-time event where the Carolina State Line will come to life like never before. The all-new extravaganza proves there’s no place finer than being in the Carolinas with authentic cuisine, local brews and musicians that can only be experienced in the Tar Heel
    and Palmetto states.

  • Grand Carnivale (June 25-July 10)

    Guests can celebrate the world on a grand scale at the larger-than-life international festival replete with extravagant sights, pulsing rhythms, delicious international food, a spectacular parade, block parties, and fun traditions from around the globe.

  • SCarowinds (September 16-October 30, select nights)

    The premiere haunted event in the Carolinas returns this fall for the 2022 season as the Carolinas’ largest Halloween event. Guests will feel the need to sleep with the lights on after experiencing this new generation of SCarowinds. Every corner is freshly cursed with horrifying haunted mazes, spine-tingling scare zones, and live entertainment.

  • Tricks and Treats Fall Fest (Saturdays and Sundays from September 17-October 30)

    This event is all-new this year and promises to be the area’s favorite Halloween event. Everyone in the family, from tots to tweens to adults, will have a spooktacular time filled with fun autumn activities, specialty food and craft beers, games and game shows, music entertainment, traditional trick-or-treating, and so much more.

  • WinterFest (date to be announced soon)

    Guests will continue to celebrate the holidays at Carowinds with millions of holiday lights and decorations, ice skating, family activities, live shows, specialty food, and select rides.

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