Rebel Wilson attends the Netflix Senior Year Special Screening at The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills on May 10, 2022 in West Hollywood, California.

Rebel Wilson opened up about her “year of health” in 2020, in which she lost over 80 pounds, revealing that it wasn’t just about herself, but about bringing another life into the world. The Bridesmaids actress said her fertility doctor told her in 2019 that she would have a better chance of harvesting and freezing her eggs if she lost weight. “He looked me up and down and said, ‘You’d do much better if you were healthier,'” the actress told People in a new interview.

“I was taken aback. I thought, ‘Oh God, this guy’s so rude.’ He was right,” Wilson, 42, said. “I was carrying around a lot of excess weight. It’s almost like I didn’t think of my own needs. I thought of a future child’s needs that really inspired me to get healthier.”

The actress, who also has a polycystic ovarian syndrome which can affect fertility, said, “It wasn’t a goal to get to a certain weight. It was just being the healthiest version of myself.”

Though Wilson would like to have children, she isn’t concerned about having a partner. “I would love to have a family. I’m just going for it by myself at the moment because of the biological clock. If I meet the right person, great, and then they can fit in with whatever happens. It’s great that the technology exists. You have so many options with surrogacy and sperm donors. I only started thinking of fertility when I was 39 so you feel quite late but then there are women in their mid-40s who’ve been successful. Look at Janet Jackson, it’s pretty inspiring. Any woman who’s gone through it, I really relate to. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t know how it’s going to end. But I’m still young enough to try.”

Wilson said her emotional issues caused her to eat emotionally, “and that’s a process,” she said. “You cry a lot, analyze things. I’d never done that before. It’s really hard to know why you don’t feel worthy when people look at my life on paper and say you’ve done all these amazing things. That’s what I’m trying to overcome.”

Wilson can be seen in her latest Netflix film, Senior Year, in which her character falls into a 20-year coma after a cheerleading accident, wakes up as a 37-year-old, ready to redo her senior year and finds out “being your authentic real self is what matters.”

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