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Actor Kenan Thompson speaks Comic Con

Now in it’s 47th year, SNL has had its ups and downs but make no mistake that SNL still sets the tone for counter culture in America. I’ve either watched it or recorded it on VHS and now DVR since that tech was available. SNL is the voice of comedy in America.

Recently, Kenan Thompson spoke on Samuel L Jackson’s claim that Jackson was ‘banned’ for saying the ‘F-word’ on SNL. Kenan said, “Hey, Sam. It’s all good, bro. You’re welcome any time, from what I’ve been hearing.” He continued, “Anyway, he dropped the f-bomb on the show but he says I was supposed to cut him off before that. But the cue card, it was just an ‘F’ on the cue card, it wasn’t like the whole word. I was thinking he was just gonna go, like, a fake move. … But he went full train at it because I guess he’s a method kind of guy.” He added, “When he did it the first time, I was processing, like, ‘Oh snap, he did it and I didn’t make it or whatever, I didn’t cut him off in time.’ That just happened. … But we kind of expect the f-word out of Sam Jackson so no harm done. But then he doubled down and said it again, and I was like, ‘Yo, my man, we gotta pay for those.'” Do you think Samuel L. Jackson will be back on SNL again? Below is Kenan on The Tonight Show and below that Samuel L. with Ellen.