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Joe Maher/Getty Images

I’ll start by apologizing because this might make you feel like you’ve done nothing with your life, especially if you took piano lessons as a child like I did. A video of a five-year-old boy playing Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major on the piano has gone viral. He’s plays it perfectly, not unlike a young Wolfgang Amadeus himself.

The kid even has the name of a piano virtuoso: Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani. The Instagram post indicates that Alberto lives in Italy. Not only does this budding genius play the Mozart piece beautifully, he doesn’t even need the sheet music.

Most of the comments on the video are highly complimentary of the child prodigy, and understandably so. However, my favorite comment is “I was trying to build a house with pillows when I was 5.”

Yup. That was a lot of us. Check out the amazing Alberto below.