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I’m all about saving money but I will admit than when I read this story this morning, I looked at Kramer and said, “Oh hell no!” Experts have given the temps you need to set your air conditioning to in order to save money and I’d rather be broke.

According to WCNC, Energy Saver recommends setting your air conditioner to 78 degrees when you wake up, 85 degrees during the day, and 82 degrees when you’re sleeping to save the most money.

Now I realize that the info will help us all save money but there ain’t no WAY it’s gonna be 82 in my house at night. Between menopause and the cancer drugs I take, I’m sweating silly at night. I hate being hot!

In the winter, I’ll wait to turn the heat on to save money. When it’s cold you can always add more clothing and snuggle under blankets. But when it’s hot there’s only so many items of clothing you can take off!

Since the temps increased two weeks ago, my air conditioning has been set on 71. And it’ll stay that way all summer long! OR it’ll go down! LOL!

The WCNC article does give some other helpful hints. But as far as the air conditioning setting goes, I’m doing my own thing!