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My younger brother was a lifeguard and swim coach as a teen and he loved it! I always thought being a lifeguard would be cool. Unfortunately, there’s a lifeguard shortage that may cause pools locally and nationally to close this summer.

The American Lifeguard Association told the New York Post that a third of the 309,000 pools across the country won’t have the staffing to open.

If you have a teen or know of someone that would like to lifeguard, it takes physical, first-aid and trauma training before guards can even get a whistle. But these first responders are critical.

Lifeguards can help prevent an estimated 4,000 drownings a year. Government officials are working to find solutions to the labor shortages, but it might not come in time for the busy swim season.

There are details here about becoming a lifeguard in the Charlotte area. And make sure you have some sunscreen!