Phil & Mel In The Afternoon

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Now this is how you get the attention of a movie star!  A girl brought a huge cutout of Dwayne Johnston, aka, The Rock, to her high school prom and people are loving it!

A fan known as Mel brought a cardboard cutout of the star to her prom and even wore a dress to complement the star’s pink sports jacket. They made a lovely couple!

According to Yahoo, Mel posted several pictures of herself and the cutout on her social media pages, saying The Rock was the best date a person could ask for.

The coolest part about all of this is that Johnson shared the images Mel had posted to her @SmileSweetsRaccoon Instagram account, writing, “It was absolutely my honor … and you were the best prom date EVER!!! Great to meet your family and friends too. P.S. I’m super happy you posted this! Have the best summer.”

Fans were quick to praise the star over the “adorable” interaction. Obviously I don’t know him but he just seem like a good dude. He’s great with his fans, no question.