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Almost everyone has an at-home burger recipe that is there go-to. Recently on Pinterest I found a recipe for an at-home quarter pounder like the one at McDonald’s and it was awesome! If you have an amazing burger recipe, Heinz wants to know what it is.

The company known for ketchup has launched their “Art Of The Burger” contest to find the best at-home burger creation to feature on BurgerFi menus.

According to FoodBeast, you can enter the challenge now through July 12th with a chance to win a $25,000 prize and you’ll have your masterpiece featured at BurgerFi in Fall 2022.

To enter your recipe go to or post on Twitter or Instagram using hashtags #HeinzArtBurger and #contest.

Burger submissions will be judged on imagination, presentation and use of sauce and build. Obviously you should include Heinz in your creation.  Good luck!