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North Carolina Ranks #4 for Wild Animal Attacks

In North Carolina, there’s an increase of attacks of wild animals on residents. This new study is from They revealed states with the greatest chance of being in an incident with an animal and North Carolina is on the list. North Carolina is ranked #4 on the list with 180 attacks! Since 2000 Texas was the leading state for more than 200 attacks, and California which came in second. Some of attacks were from venomous arthropods, bitten or crushed by reptiles and fish. Where are these people being attacked? Some live in the wild and or taking those hikes in the woods. But most attacks are from bears, wolfs depending on your state’s population. Let’s talk about West Virginia.

West Virginia leaves many out of luck, with the state coming in as the most likely, with your chances of fatality being one to 30271 when encountered by a dangerous animal. Delaware has the highest odds par the states with no attacks, with one in 1062583 people having a chance of being involved in an attack. Since June is National Camping Month, be careful and cautious.

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