The busiest woman in show business, Kelly Clarkson, is taking a break this summer to spend time with her young children on their ranch in Montana.

In an interview this week, Kelly told E! Online, “For the first time since I was 16 years old, I am taking my summer off. And, it’s one of those things, I was like, I feel bad ’cause things come up, but, at some point, you know you just gotta be able to like set the dates and say, ‘nothing will interfere with this time.’ ‘Cause it’s precious, and especially for a single working mom, like it’s exhausting, you go to work, and you come home, and you’re constantly on, like doing something, and it’s nice, you know, I’m just gonna have time with my kids out on my ranch in Montana, and we’re just gonna be doing nothing.”

Clarkson isn’t the only busy member of her family; she noted that both her kids have packed schedules. She offered, “Even their schedule is crazy. Me and my nanny joke about like, ‘I wish I were my kids’ they’re off to like soccer or gymnastics or renaissance camp. They are always doing these amazing things.”

Kelly also teased a new album coming out, although she didn’t give much detail. She said, “It’s not the new album everyone’s wanting, like, yet, because I honestly am not ready.” Clarkson added that her new record, which details the last two years of her life, has really “changed” and “morphed.”

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