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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

He’s business in the front, party in the back, and 100% king of the jungle in between. A lion at a zoo in China is getting a lot of attention for his less-than-regal mane.

Hang Hang the lion was photographed with what looks like Beatles bangs and a mullet. He doesn’t appear to be happy about it, as you’ll see below. TMZ reports that the Guangzhou Zoo says they didn’t cut Hang’s Hang’s hair to look like that. So who’s fault is it?

Zoo officials are blaming the big cat’s ‘do on extreme heat and humidity, which caused Hang Hang to lick his paws and brush his hair. But some people aren’t buying that since they saw the Hang Hang two months ago and he looked nothing like that. Maybe someone needs more practice with the Flowbee.