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Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images for Zalando

Yummy ice cream delivered right to your office or home every month? And it’s local? Sign me up! Urban Sweets is opening a brick and mortar store in South End this summer.

 Urban Sweets started off as a cart and has been rolling around the city since August 2021. You may have tried their ice cream and different Charlotte festivals and events. According to Axios Charlotte, the shop is opening at 222 West Blvd in July.

The shop will have indoor and outdoor seating at its new location and will be decorated with bright colors and murals. They’ll serve ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, and hand-painted chocolates. 

It’ll be open Wednesday through Sunday from 12-8pm. They also have a monthly subscription service that delivers four pints of ice cream to your home for $300 a year. I gotta say, I’m all about this!

Of course, I need to try the ice cream! They’ll serve over 25 rotating ice cream favorites, including vegan and gluten-free according to the owner Kristen Stewart. Each is named after Charlotte neighborhoods and staples — like the Dilworth Delight (chocolate cookie wafers with vanilla) and the Uptown Choco Brown (mix of three types of cocoas).

Urban Sweets is looking for help in order to open the shop in South End. You can invest and they also have a crowdfunding campaign happening. You can book them for events as well!  Find out all the info here.