(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

“Stranger Things” fans picked up on this right away, especially those of us who are into 80s music. I personally played “Running Up That Hill” when it was a new song on the radio in 1985. The song is used several times in the 1st 7 episodes making up VOL 1 of season 4. On July 1st, Vol 2 of season 4 will wrap up “Stranger Things” for good. It’s rumored to be ONLY 2 episodes long. Get ready because Vol 2 contains a supercharged version of Journey’s “Separate Ways” which will also surely get an iTunes surge once that episode airs.

Kate’s song “Running Up That Hill” is number one on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify’s U.S. charts. Billboard reported song streams surged 8,700% globally and 9,900% in the U.S. the day before “Stranger Things” Season 4 debuted on Netflix. Nora Felder, “Stranger Things” music supervisor, told Vanity Fair she was looking for a song that would “resonate with Max’s experience” She got “excited” when she connected with Kate’s iconic “Running Up That Hill.” Felder informed the magazine that Bush approved the song for the show. How it was used in the series below and the original Music Video is below that.

Do you think Bush’s song was a good choice for the scene?