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Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

New Yorkers like to think of themselves as being tough. But when faced with unwanted wildlife in a bar, it was a woman from the other side of the country who showed everyone who’s the toughest.

Sara Fulton was enjoying a night out at Temkin’s Bar in Brooklyn last week when she and other patrons saw something scurry across the floor. At first, they thought it was a dog or a rat. Neither would be all that unusual in New York City. Turns out, it was a possum.

As people started freaking out, Fulton jumped into action. WABC-TV reports her exact words were, “Hold my phone. I’m from Alaska.” Sara said she didn’t even think twice about it because she’s dealt with everything from moose to black bears in her backyard.

By the time Fulton safely escorted the possum back outside by the scruff of its neck, she was the toast of Temkin’s, where drinks were lined up in her honor. Here’s the video of Sara’s heroic deed: